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We are going to do it.

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From the microbes that live on and in our bodies to the furthest reaches of the universe, there is a lot out there to explore.  We are going to do it.     
Todd C Simmons
I am a writer living in the New York City area.  
I covered sports for a several years, and truly enjoyed it. I won a very nice award for covering horse racing and another for covering soccer. Following a team or chasing races takes a lot of time – time I realized I'd rather spend with my son. So we went to games together and I brought him into the stories, but the work changed when I really stopped to look around. I realized that there is more greenery in the world that needs attention and preservation than a soccer pitch, and that there are more animals than horses out there that deserve having their stories told. We started looking at fossils which oddly led us to the very edge of the universe and the beginning of time. The more we explore, the more we are able to see how interconnected the stories are. The more we explore, the more we become a part of the story.

I have written for 5 years with the Staten Island Advance- A link to those stories can be found at:


My son

A great kid who explores the world and the universe with me and writes by my side.

We support, through our membership, several organizations concerned with issues of conservation, research, and historical preservation:

The Bronx Zoo
Edwin Forsythe National Wildlife Reserve
Hawk Mountain
Tuckerton Museum
Gettysburg Foundation
American Museum of Natural History
New York Paleontological Society


This past weekend we were talking about great teachers, and how a person was lucky to have three in their lifetime.  It takes me two hands to count the number that I have had.  From history to science, I had teachers who took their experience and love of teaching to personally work with me and develop a passion for these subjects that would stay with me.  I can now pass that on to my son.




Writing for the Staten Island Advance.
Additional Pubilcations
In the past I have been a regular contributor to the Saratoga Special, World Soccer Talk, and the TerraMar Project. 
I won the Joe Hirsch Belmont Stakes writing award and the NSCAA soccer writing award for game coverage.