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Further research:

Welcoming New Friends: 
The Sibley Guide to Eastern Birds was very helpful in identifying the Greater Scaup, as was Bob Hines'  Ducks at a Distance.  Great Kills Park, where we spent our afternoon, is part of the Gateway National Recreational Area.  
We think of birds migrating either to us or away from us because we are land bound and live, zoologically speaking, sedentary lives, rooted mainly to the island.  It is hard to remember sometimes that birds don't share our view.
Book Review: On the Wing:
For more diagramical illustrations of the forces that act on the wing, NASA's Glenn Research Center has excellent pages devoted to conecpts like the 'Glider Trajectory Problem' and the 'L/D Ratio'.  NASA Glenn is a leader in aeronautics, that first 'A' in NASA.  Located in Cleveland, Ohio, we visited the center this past summer and were amazed by the exhibits at the Great Lakes Science Center.